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Mission Style Furniture vs. Shaker Style Furniture: What is the Difference?

Posted by Online Amish on 8/10/2015 to Amish Furniture
Shaker and Mission style furniture are common options when it comes to purchasing Amish furniture. While the two share some commonalities, their different styles and history makes them unique options for your home decor. Learn more about how the two styles came to be and their defining characteristics.

Amish Made: The Best Choice for Summer Outdoor Furniture

Posted by Amish Furniture on 7/17/2015 to Occasional Furniture
With summer well underway, outdoor and patio furniture can complement any nice day. Before you furnish your outdoor paradise with cookie-cutter plastic furniture, consider the benefits of solid wood, Amish furniture options for outside outlined in this article.

Amish Wood Furniture: Durable and Elegant

Posted by Amish Furniture on 11/18/2014 to Amish Furniture
The Amish are generally known as a diligent and principled people. This traditional people scattered through the States with many of them being in Indiana and Ohio where they ply their wood craft. By nature, the Amish are an isolated community who do not borrow toward profit-driven big enterprises or venture. They do not make use of current methods of communication for running their wood furniture venture and they put limit to the amount of contact with the outside world. It is also not uncommon not to see modern gadget like a TV or a telephone in Amish household. Furniture made by Amish people is therefore, dependent on ancient methods of manufacture that lay more emphasis upon corporal labor and less upon mechanical processes and supports.

Amish Handmade Furniture

Posted by Admin on 10/26/2014 to Amish Furniture
There is no better way to bring your home to life than through the use of Amish furniture. These can be used to represent so many different kinds of emotions and messages. A lot of people however simply use this as a way of relaxing at home after a busy day at the office or after spending so much time on the road traveling. Getting the right Amish furniture for this idea is one of the best ways of making sure that you will achieve your intended objectives. A lot of people who have used some of this kind of furniture do appreciate the fact that they are designed from some of the best material in the market; classy and durable, and worth every penny you spend on them.

Why is Quality Amish Furniture Hard to Find?

Posted by Admin on 10/14/2014 to Amish Furniture
Why is Quality Amish Furniture Hard to Find?
Each piece of Amish furniture on the site is made of equal quality. You will quickly notice these pieces are not what you see at the big box blow-out stores but rather these pieces are the type that 300 years from now your descendants will still be passing them down. Seriously, this is amazingly well built furniture designed to last several lifetimes.
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