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Maple Wood Stains

Requesting Samples

A "special instructions" box is provided at checkout to request samples. For example, if you type "Stain to be determined, please send medium stains on Oak", we will send 3 or 4 medium stains on Oak for you to choose from. You then make your selection and mail the samples back to us. Stain samples consist of 2 separate boards of contrasting grain which are glued, planed, sanded, stained, top coated and then cut to size. Needless to say, this is a time consuming and costly procedure. Because of this, a $25 re-stocking fee for each stain board will be assessed for boards and/or leather samples not returned to us. Please keep in mind that we can also custom stain pieces to match your existing furniture.

Maple and Brown Maple

(Acer Saccharum): Grown from the Great Lakes to Canada. Hard Rock Maple is excellent for high 'impact resistant' applications or where a uniform light creamy yellowish/white color is sought. Northern Maple is naturally 50% harder than Red Oak lumber, Maple has a strong, uniform physical grain structure. The luster or visual texture of Maple offers a changing panorama of beauty as light strikes the wood from various angles. Maple is growing in it's popularity due to its natural coloration. Maple scores 1450 on the Janka hardness test.

Brown Maple is the "heart wood" (wood towards the center of a tree) of various soft maple trees and not a specific species of tree. As it's from the center of the tree, it tends to run a range of colors from light to beige to medium brown. Brown Maple is a smooth wood often used for painting or for darker dye stains such as Onyx. We are currently working with our stainer to achieve results similar in appearance to Cherry but without the added Cherry cost. Brown Maple hardness varies, but it is in the same range as Cherry (950 on the Janka Scale).

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