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  • How to Get Scratches Out of Hardwood Flooring: Step-by-Step Guide

    Properly Dealing With Hardwood Flooring Scratches

    How to Get Scratches Out of Hardwood Flooring: Step-by-Step

    When first encountering scratches or dents in hardwood flooring, there is sometimes an inclination just to slap some cheap scratch cover, or perhaps mayonnaise (don't laugh!) on the spot, buff it out later, and problem solved. This approach might work if the damage is extremely minor, or in a very inconspicuous place in the room, but in most cases, you will have to take the time and effort to assess the situation and act accordingly.

    Remember: Prevention is Key

    As with so many of life's dilemmas, when it comes to dealing with scratched hardwood floors, the adage "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" definitely applies! Caring for wood is the key. The following is a list of essential points to consider when striving to preserve and protect your wood flooring:

    1. Keep Shoes Off the Floors

    Limit high-heel or hard-soled (cowboy) boots’ impact on your floor by using strategically-placed runner mats, or just take the safe approach and have everybody remove their footwear at the door.

    2. Clean the Floors Consistently

    Be sure and clean your floors regularly to keep scratch-causing dirt and grit to a minimum; this is of particular importance if you happen to live in an area with sandy soil.

    3. Prevent Pets From Damaging Hardwood

    Do whatever you deem necessary to mitigate your pet's nail/claw scratches, but bear in mind, any open, exposed wood floor is bound to get scratched sooner or later. You just have to live with this or keep them off the floors, which is virtually impossible. Being a pet owner myself, I have found over the years that scratches are not that big of a problem, compared to other unmentionable activities animals engage in that will surely take your lovely finish off a floor in two seconds flat.

    4. Use Area Rugs and Protective Pads

    Protective pads on all the furniture legs/feet will go a long way to protecting your floor from stationary dents and are indispensable when moving a heavy item around the room. Area rugs are another obvious means of protecting floors in high-traffic areas.

    What Type of Wood are You Dealing With?

    First, you should know what type of wood your floor is made of, as there are significant differences in how a hardwood like oak will react to particular fillers and finishes compared to something like maple.

    What Type of Scratch are You Repairing?

    Next in order is identifying the source of the damage (whether it is a result of shoe traffic, unprotected furniture movement, or errant pet claws), mostly for preventive measures. An extensive repair job is not necessary if the scratch is not readily visible in the room, but this is seldom the case. With this in mind, be prepared to invest a certain amount of time and effort to fix the damage, mainly if the scratch/ scratches cover multiple boards. You might want to save that mayo for a reward BLT after you're finished.

    This is How to Fill Floor Scratches:

    If the scratch on your floor is light enough and doesn't penetrate the top finish coat, you can probably just lightly buff it out and polish the area thoroughly before applying the final finish. Be sure not to use steel wool pads when buffing out scratches, as the minute dust left behind will then turn to rust once it reacts with the water present in your finish coat. It's best to use a ScotchBrite pad, or something similar, that won't leave any staining residue.

    For scratches that are deeper than surface-level, you will no doubt be using some wood filler. Beware that all fillers are not created equal, and it pays in the long run to use a good quality product that is suitable for the job at hand. For small, shallow scratches or dents in your flooring, use a quick-drying, acetone-based filler, like Plastic Wood. Keep in mind this type of filler will shrink while drying, and you will probably have to re-apply it. For deep scratches, a water-based wood filler like Durham's Water Putty is perfect, as it expands to fill in the crack/scratch entirely. It also helps to apply a wood putty that is already pre-stained, to attempt to come as close as you can to match your existing boards.

    When damage to your wood flooring is more severe (like if a patch of bare wood is visible) and the overall gouge is deep, you might have no other option but to replace boards. Since any new or reused wood flooring with its subsequent fresh finish coats applied will not match the duller sheen of the surrounding boards, it might be wise and prudent to re-coat the whole floor in that particular room.

    Critical Tips for Finishing Your Hardwood Floors

    Proper staining/finishing of a hardwood floor is an art in and of itself. The first order of business is to remove any and all dust left over from the previous sanding/buffing process. The dust should then be meticulously vacuumed up with a high-powered shop vac, then wiped up with a rag soaked in mineral spirits for oil-based finishes, and plain water for anything else. You might have to repeat the wiping procedure several times to clean cloths to remove all the dust; it only takes a little while to alter surface smoothness drastically.

    Make sure the floor is completely dry before recoating. If you're uncertain what the original finish on your flooring is, you can experiment in an inconspicuous area of the surface, to determine whether the finish is wax, shellac, polyurethane, or something else. If you mistakenly use a finish that doesn't match the original, you might not achieve 100% adhesion.

    Final Results

    Removing simple scratches from your hardwood floors doesn't have to be a daunting, time-consuming chore if you do the right prep work and follow a precise step-by-step procedure. In the end, you will have restored your floor, possibly better than the original condition, and gained valuable wisdom and satisfaction of handling a DIY job. Many homeowners would instinctively bail-out in desperation and call a flooring expert. So, applause is in order if you decide to take on the ultimately rewarding task of hardwood flooring scratch removal!

    Author bio:

    Bruce MacDonald leads the team at MacDonald Hardwoods, a hardwood flooring store in Denver, Colorado. For over three decades they have serviced Colorado with hardwood flooring installations, cleaning, and even conducted educational classes to help customers take care of their floors.

  • How Can Timber Furniture Help Create Beautiful Homes?

    How Can Timber Furniture Help Create Beautiful Homes

    Timber is a versatile and amazing material which may be used for making homes, creating shades for the kids to play underneath, for manufacturing furniture. We can say that timber has a wide range of applications and the most useful one is creating furniture. We can carve appealing and beautiful furniture and spend quality time with our family and friends around it. Timber is such a natural resource which is used in different aspects of our lives.

    • Timber is steeped in history having a complete organic elegance. The versatile material has become the part of our life and domestic spaces. Indeed, this material for furniture can create beautiful, stylish and versatile spaces that are functional at the same time.
    • You may use timber furniture to decorate the space, furnish the area with robust and sturdy timber equipment. Timber furniture is not only stylish and functional but also it is extremely long lasting and has a timeless appeal.
    •  If you want the kind of durable sophistication in your space, you may use timber material furniture.

    For Buying Timber Furniture You Need to Choose a Reliable Retailer:

    When buying timber furniture, make sure to choose only environment-friendly retailer who can make the furniture product purely with sustainable timber. So, at the end, it is your furniture which will be sturdy and reliable. You may not know but within timber, there are various timber grades that are more sustainable and sturdy. On the other hand, there is a great push or emphasis towards using sustainable raw materials for making home pieces.

    Some of The Sustainable Options in Timber Wood

    As already stated, there are a lot many options in timber wood which is sustainable. The following are some of them:

    • Sheesham Wood, also known as Rosewood, is the most popular kind of timber grown in Punjab mostly. Sheesham is chosen for a variety of reasons as a raw material for making furniture. Sheesham Wood or Indian Rosewood is beautiful wood which features an appealing and irregular grain structure. Its appearance is extremely distinctive where you may polish it for a fine appearance or a fine finish. It has fabulous strength, density, and durability.
    • Mango Wood, the highly sustainable timber wood, features dense grains and strong structure. It is easier to finish this wood and the production costs associated with making furniture from Mango Wood is lower.
    • Belonging to Mahogany family, neem wood is a fast-growing evergreen tree which may reach to the height of 20 meters or so. It features course, rough grain, and a perfect interlocking. It is again sustainable where the production cost is low.

    Creating Country Style Living Area with Timber Furniture

    Everyone likes to enjoy some fresh air and the sense of spaciousness typical of country style home. To infuse the sense of country living or a sense of cottage, use proper furniture to create relaxing environment along with the sense of style or shabby quaintness.

    When it comes to timber furniture, it need not be old, boring and shabby. Use timber wood to create a beautifully carved bed for the bedroom. Creative bed depicts a kind of strong presence and appears contemporary and stylish. Choose light toned timber material to create sturdy and robust timber bed. Some bit of timber may even be incorporated in the bathroom. To make your bathroom a focal point, use timber vanity.

    From the above section, it is clear that timber wood has great usages when it comes to furniture and home designing. You can make wardrobes, dining table, outdoor furniture using timber wood. It is durable and sustainable.

    Author Bio: I am a blogger, entrepreneur and Project Manager in Amish Alley. I enjoy writing in free time on various topics such as travel, fashion, technology, lifestyle and cover most of the time on Furniture. You can get in touch on Facebook.

  • Top Amish Furniture Companies: Find the Best Brand in the U.S.

    Top Amish Furniture Companies: Find the Best Brand in the U.S.

    Home and office furniture are becoming popular all over the USA. Whether if you are looking for modern furniture or traditional furniture in New York, Ohio or Chicago, you will find a high quality of pieces for your home and office. Finding quality furniture online is not difficult nowadays. You can easily browse furniture websites from your home and compare the price, reviews, offer and quality before choosing one of them.

    How to Select the Best Amish Furniture from Top Stores:

    Reputed furniture stores have quality pictures and catalogs of all the Amish made furniture. If you order your dream furniture online, first you need to check the company is genuine or not. Before buying anything make sure the websites are secure so that your credit card payment is safe and no identification burglary could happen.


    If you are interested to purchase online your dream furniture from top U.S. stores that have all the varieties of furniture, make sure they have a professional team who will give you proper guidelines and help you to install furniture. It’s a good idea if your selected store is near to the place where you live.

    Top Solid Wood Furniture Stores:

    There are so many furniture stores available in U.S. cities, but it's hard to find each one. We have added a top list of the best website for Amish furniture and home goods.

    Online Amish Furniture: Online Amish Furniture is known for its quality and authentic furniture and an American Company. It was established in 2004 by Paul. It’s a great place to purchase inexpensive Amish furniture yet well-made custom furniture like bedroom furniture, dining table, living room furniture and more.

    AmishFurnitureFactory: Amishfurniturefactory provides more offers on furniture compared to other brands, can’t beat when it comes to accent furniture like Lacquered Regency Buffet.

    Amish Alley: Amish Alley is dedicated to bringing traditional design with finest handcrafted Amish furniture at reasonable price. The Amish Wrap Around is a unique traditional style bed and a perfect example.

    AmishSolidFurniture: AmishSolidFurniture is popular for its amazing offer, quickly accessible and solid wood furniture and home goods. It was established in 2004' by two young local visionaries Vaughn Martin and Sheldon Eby.

    Wolffurniture: Wolffurniture is focused on making traditional and durable furniture affordable like Rectangle Coffee Table with Metal Base and Wood Top.

  • American Built Solid Wood Furniture and Custom Handcrafted

    American Made Solid Wood Furniture - Amish Alley


    Amish Alley has been an Online retailer for Amish Solid Wood Furniture, quality bedroom sets, dining room sets, living room furnishings, and home office furniture for since 1999. We are honored to serve the quality furniture which is built from North American solid wood. Amish Alley does all the activity from the planting of the trees, harvesting, milling, crafting, sanding, finishing, and delivering at the door.

    USA Made Solid Wood Handcrafted furniture with Amish Alley:

    Amish Alley offers high-quality custom furniture that is cost effective and well designed from high-skilled Amish crafters that will make your online experience stress-free. Our most of the custom furniture made in S Kansas Rd Orrville Ohio and Indiana. We always select northern dried hardwoods in our furniture. We offer a different type of wood such as Oak, 1/4 Sawn Oak, Cherry, Maple, Brown Maple, Rustic Cherry, Hickory and Rustic Hickory.

    Customized furniture is always a good choice of American homeowners for centuries because they can easily mold it as per their requirements. Each custom furniture has top quality products and tested construction techniques.

    Nowadays, several companies offer customized furniture online. They provide an expert support team to guide in furnishing your space. If you are eager to buy online custom furniture, you need to consider following rules:

    • Make sure the website is up to date.
    • Make sure that website is reliable.
    • Make sure they are active on social media websites like Twitter and Facebook.
    • Investigate the website before making payment.
    • Read the review online before purchasing any product.
    • Don’t forget to read return policies.
    • Always go with the best offers and free shipping.

    Why Should You Buy from American Furniture Company?

    Nowadays, American made furniture is getting more and more popularity for numbers of reasons. You can’t beat the USA made Amish furniture for high quality, style, and durability.  American companies use a high-quality material, wood, stain colors and finishes to build your dream home furniture and it will serve your family for generations to come.

    They provide a lifetime warranty and support 24 hours in a day and 365 days in a year and help you to get through any small or big issues with multiple options like toll-free phone service, email conversation and offline service as per the ease of the customers.

    By purchasing U.S made furniture, you will help the local firms as well as the national economy. You can relax and feel more confident because of that product produced by U.S firm are safe and American workers treated fairly. It’s more important to purchase American made products than overseas companies. It’s a safer choice for our generation, economy, and environment.

    Browse our large selection of Amish furniture below including beds, dining table, living furniture, entertainment, bathroom, kids, outdoor furniture and more for ideas. If you don't find what you're looking for. Either you can email us at or just call us at 330-642-6001, our professional team will help you. Our furniture is handmade from solid wood by dedicated professional which can fulfill your needs. We have all the type of furniture for all personalities.

  • Amish Bunk Beds for Kids: Need to know Everything before You Buy

    Selecting the right Amish bunk bed for a kid is not easy compared to other furniture for your home. When you choose a bunk bed, there are more safety concerns need to think in mind. However, as in any type of furniture, you need to start by identifying your requirements.

    Why Amish Bunk Bed for Kids and Toddlers?

    As kids grow into adulthood, they want to enjoy some freedom. And also we are pleased to say the children are best in this set. Bunk bed provides ultimate space savers for a long time. With this feature, your kids can also share a bedroom and make a memorable time with brothers and sisters.

    Solid Wood Bunk Bed Size:

    Solid Wood Amish made bunk bed size has different size and configurations. Twin over twin is the most popular bunk bed, but full over full and twin over full options are also common.

    Twin over Twin Bunk Bed: Twin over twin is also known as a standard bunk bed. The dimensions vary, but average sizes are 68H x 42W x 80L. Normally you will find it in a kid’s bedroom and as well as it’s mostly used to fit two children of the very same age.

    Twin over Full Bunk Bed: Amish Twin over full bunk bed has a twin bed on the top and double bed on the bottom. It comes in numerous size, but standard sizes are 82"W x 58"D x 68"H. From parent room to kids rooms, it can provide more space without taking additional space for your grown teenager. Parents who like to spend some time in children’s bedroom before bedtime will likewise appreciate the extra space.

    Full over full bunk bed: Full over full bunk bed comes in a perfect configuration when you want to fit two large bed in your small room. The dimensions vary, but standard sizes are 68H x 42W x 80L. It’s a great solution for families has multiple children as easily a couple of smaller kids can share full bunk beds.

    Futon Bunk Bed: Futon Loft bunk beds have a twin bed on the top and a sofa on the bottom with a regular twin size bed stacked on top of it. Most of the time, it’s used as primary sleeping area while futon sofa at the bottom provides as leisure place and you can also use a full bed size if needed.

    [Top Quality Amish Furniture‎, Handmade Solid Wood & Built to Last]

    Bunk Bed Materials: Wood vs Metal:

    Bunk bed comes in wood or metal materials. It depends on a number of factors. So, it’s important to know which material is right for your kids. Lets’ look at both materials.

    Wood Bunk Beds: Wood bunk beds come in a wide variety of wood types, styles, shapes, arrangements, and provide much more options items like stairs, drawers, trundle, and those nooks and crannies that kids just seem to adore. You can have many different designs as well as colors in the wooden frame. It has a solid wood construction and a long-lasting life. You can easily modify it anytime whenever you want it.

    Metal Bunk Beds: Metal bunk beds are usually well-built in tubular metal and have lightweight than wooden bunk beds. The metal frame offers the best support and durability compared to the wooden frame. The metal bunk beds are very stylish and innovative which accommodating less space than wooden bunk beds. It’s cost effective and quite popular as compared to wooden bunk beds.

    [Guide to Different Types of Bunk Beds For Kids]

    Bunk Beds – Benefits, Features, and Ideas: 

    Bunk Beds with Stairs: Bunk beds with stairs are becoming popular for a child's room. It’s the safest option compared to the ladder as it not only provides the best surface place to step on, it also has a sturdy handrail for kid’s safety. Since it’s connected to top bed, your kids can enter through stairs easily.

    Separate a Bed into Two Beds: Bunk bed is a popular choice for homes that want to conserve space. You can easily convert bunk bed into two beds as teenagers grow up and need changes.

    Bunk Beds with Storage Drawers: Storage Drawer is essential parts of every kid's bedroom. It provides extra storage for clothes, toys, shoes, and sometimes toiletries and books.

    Trundle Bunk Bed: Trundle bunk beds are very stylish with coasters. You can easily move it under the kid’s bed when not in use. Optimizing space in kid's room is a big headache as your son or daughter have more and more favorite books and toys to store. At this point, you can easily take the help of trundle bed to store anything.

    Affordable Colorful Bunk Beds in Red, Blue, Green or Gray: Imagine the world without any color would be dreary and boring place. So, provide your kid’s bedroom a punch of color with bunk beds finished in a strong color. Bedroom furniture painted in fun color makes a children room area much more playful and enjoyable. Looking for inspiration to decorate your kid’s bedroom? Check out at 18 creative and fun kid’s bedroom ideas.

    Amish Bunk Beds: Safety Information for Parents:

    • Bunk beds are wonderful space savers as well as kids love them. Keep in mind, these beds can be dangerous. Kids from top bunk can fall out and kids in bottom bunk can be injured if the top bank collapse. So before you buy an online or offline bunk bed for your kids, below are some of the important safety tips to stop injuries from happening.
    • Place bunk beds in the corner of the kid’s room, so that wall can support on two sides.
    • Guardrails can stop your kids from rolling over and falling out of top bunk beds. Install guardrails on both sides of upper bunk beds and it should be single opening for entering exiting should be no more than 15 inches.
    • Do not place bunk beds under or near ceiling fan or light.
    • Install extra slats to support the mattress on the upper bunk to stop it from falling.
    • Add an extra night light near the ladder so that kids can see the ladder.
    • Remove dangerous element around the bunk bed.
  • Amish Dining Chairs - Style, Names and Types Guide

    Great quality and affordable furniture are two considerable component homeowners search online for in furniture of all different types. There are only two reasons that furniture product made by Amish furniture specialists are extremely popular among people who want to add a delightful well-constructed piece to their home decor. If you are trying to figure out the best chair seat, right height, size, wood type, standard stain colors for your dining room, below read more about how to choose the best Dining Chairs.

    Amish Dining Chairs Wood Type:

    We represent 11 wood types below which often used in furniture.

    • Red Oak
    • Brown Maple
    • Rustic Cherry
    • Rustic Qtr Sawn White Oak
    • Rustic Hickory
    • Grey Elm
    • Qtr Sawn White Oak
    • Cherry
    • Hard Maple
    • Hickory
    • Walnut

    [Amish Furniture - Solid Wood Furniture and Great Dining Room Chair]

    Amish Dining Chairs Standard Stain Colors:

    We added most popular wood stain color often used in furniture. You can choose the right color for your interior wood surface.

    • Sierra
    • Copper
    • Tanbark
    • Craftsman Gold
    • Washington
    • Michaels
    • Briar

    Amish Wood Dining Chair Seat:                                                                               

    We have the largest selection of chair seats for home, office, restaurant, bar, and business. You can choose any of them to match your specific chair type.

    • Standard Fabric
    • Premium/Crypton/Ultraleather
    • Microfiber
    • Faux Leather
    • Genuine Leather

    Amish Dining Chair Style:

    We provide American-made dining furniture sets in many styles like Mission style, traditional style, Shaker style, and many other styles to fit your dining area needs.

    Traditional Style: Traditional style has a combination of comfortable furniture, great outline, and casual decor. It’s one of the most popular styles used to decorate your dream home. The traditional style features colors, warm, rich that are very welcoming.

    Mission Style: Mission style, type of furniture famous in the U.S during the turn of the 20th century. It’s known for its quality, elegance, and durability. It has plain and simple line with little decoration.

    Shaker Style: Like Mission style furniture, Shaker style has same features. It’s one of the most popular qualities of Americana furniture design and identified by smooth lines, clean and simplicity of design.

    Handcrafted Amish Dining Chairs Furniture Types:

    We have a superb collection of dining chair types in every stripe of design and style in one place. Types of chairs to help in choosing furniture for your dream home or office. Dining chairs are available in many choices to make when picking out chair. If you have a limited area, our dining chair list will help to pick out your needs.

    [How to Choose the Perfect Dining Room Chair]

    Adair Chair: 100% American made a solid wood construction. Available in Brown Maple, Hard Maple, Oak, Cherry, Rustic Cherry, Hickory and Rustic Hickory

    Adirondack Chair: Relax in style with beautiful a well-built outdoor chair from AmishAlley. This beautifully handcrafted chair is made for decades of life outdoors.

    Old Century Rocker Chair: Rocker Chair is great for the outdoor, kitchen, pool or most anywhere in the yard. This rocking chair is made of high-quality solid wood that makes it very durable.

    Roanoke Chair: Roanoke chair looks great from every angle. A spherical upholstered panel teamed with a rectangular backrest acts as an eye-catching attribute of this classy chair. Available in Maple, Oak, Quarter-Sawn White Oak, Rustic Cherry and Rustic Hickory. Only comes with Leather or Fabric Seats and Backs.

    Yorktown Chair: If you want to enjoy the luxury of the chair back, Yorktown chair will be the best for your dining area. Available in Brown Maple, Hard Maple, Oak, Cherry, Rustic Cherry, Hickory and Rustic Hickory.

    Austin Chair: A welcoming, modern design, the Austin dining chair is characterized by its supportive high back with legs finished in darkly tinted beech.

    Bayfield Chair: The Bayfield Dining Chair will bring style and function to any dining area. It’s elegant and has a comfortable upholstered back as well as the seat.

    Beaumont Chair: The Beaumont chair fulfills your dining room with relaxed elegance. Solid wood and unique rounded legs have stretchers for added stability. It comes in Maple, Hard Maple, Oak, Cherry, and Rustic Cherry.

    Benson Chair: Give your dining area a traditional look with our Benson dining chair. It’s beautiful and comes with a comfortable upholstered back as well as the seat.

    Bow Sheaf Chair: Bow Sheaf chair is made of solid wood in the USA and it’s available in fabric and leather seat.

    Delphi Chair: Delphi dining chair is made of 100% American hardwoods. It’s available in any of our hardwood. It comes in the wood seat or you can upgrade with fabric, leather or an upholstered seat.

    Folding Chair: Enjoy dining in style with beautiful well-built kitchen folding chair. You can easily store it in your home when not in use.

    Frontier Chair: The Frontier Dining Chair is available in any of our hardwoods. It comes standard with a wood seat or you can upgrade to a fabric or leather seat.

    Hawthorn Dining Chair: The Hawthorn dining chair begins with a Shaker base, but it comes in special oval and semi-oval shapes give it a modern look. It’s is available with a fabric or leather seat.

  • Top Five Reasons To Buy Amish Made Furniture Online

    The craze for online Amish furniture shopping is increasing day by day. People are so interested in online shopping. Why not? It's fast service, beneficial and affordable compared to shopping in a physical furniture store.

    Purchasing furniture in local store is not easy task when you have no idea about the type of furniture, styles, sizes, and colors and the finishes used for your home furniture, but on the internet you can easily see the numerous designs side by side, compare cost, finishes and styles and find exclusive Amish furniture pieces.

    Here are the top 5 reason of purchasing furniture online:

    Low-Budget Friendly Prices:

    People easily compare price with top websites on the Internet that's the main reason customers buy furniture online.  Retailers do not offer the same deals in physical furniture stores as they do on their online stores. On festival, they give amazing discounts and schemes compared to the offline store.

    Ability to customize:

    When you visit local stores to find your fitting piece of furniture, you may not be satisfied with furniture set, colors, size, style, and design. At this point, you can easily go online to fix all the issue by comparing with top online furniture stores.

    Door to Door delivery:

    Most of the offline stores to promise you to make your custom furniture and delivery on time, they fail to fulfill your specific needs, support team in online furniture stores keep their word and give you furniture installation and delivery services as mentioned in policies.  You can also change your delivery time as per your requirement. There are lots of online furniture shop available to provide free installation and delivery services to their client.

    Free Shipping:

    Shipping is one of the most important parts of an online transaction. When you plan to buy furniture offline but you are asked to think how many stores are offering you free shipping to your place than might say no idea. However, you plan to purchase online, then you can see the free shipping option with lots of custom offers by comparing the top online store.

    Customer Service:

    Customer service is a very important in any business. If you don't have an idea which furniture is suitable for your dream home then you can call or email to online furniture specialist that will help you find the best handcrafted furniture during office hours.

    Looking for high quality, reliable and affordable American made Amish furniture? Look no further! Our top quality furniture is available at a great price for everyone.

  • Oak Amish Furniture - Handcrafted, Durability and Quality You Can Afford

    Do you love oak Amish furniture for your home? Nowadays, finding real wood oak wood furniture is actually, hard to do in Offline store or online stores. In this article, you will find everything that you need.

    What is Oak Amish Furniture?

    Oak Furniture is one of the best in hardwood, and it's known for its popularity and durability. It comes in numerous types of bedroom furniture, dining table, Entertainment Centers, bedside units, oak coffee table, storage, chests, dressing tables, Boardroom seating, etc. It can also be purchased in two shades namely white oak: which comes in gray/brown color and red oak: which is very similar but with a noticeable reddish tint.

    How to find Quality Oak Furniture?

    It's not difficult to find quality oak furniture, and you don't need to be an expert to judge it. When you buy a quality and a sustainable dining table or dining chair, your furniture should be 100% hardwood, not chipboard, veneer or MDF.

    If you look at well-made antique furniture, you will see the quality of finish from the craftsmen. You can easily compare your well- constructed furniture with it and find same similarities. You can even consult with an expert for better advice. An expert would be able to help you in a better way, and you can always count on him.

    Quick Furniture Checklist:

    There's a ton of things to think about before making a buying decision on a new piece of oak furniture. I have mentioned a simple furniture shopping checklist below:


    • Good- Hardwood
    • Bad- Particleboard, Cracks, soft


    • Good: Dust Panels, floating bottoms, Stops
    • Bad: wood on wood sliding


    • Good- dovetail
    • Bad- staples, nails

     15 Best Place to Buy Furniture Store:

    We have added together 15 best online source for furniture. Find your ideal furniture by shopping these top sites.

    1. Ballard Designs
    2. Online Amish Furniture
    3. Overstock
    4. West Elm
    5. AmishAlley
    6. CB2
    7. Ikea
    8. Pottery Barn
    9. Allmodern
    10. Candelabra
    11. Ethan Allen
    12. Zinc Door
    13. Cost Plus World Market
    14. Design Within Reach
    15. Wayfair

    Why buy from us?

    AmishAlley is one of leading furniture shop specialists. We have many years of experience so you can receive the best furniture service before and after your shopping and we’re serious about quality and craftsmanship. That’s why we provide best quality and attention in depth in all the furniture including bedroom furniture, dining, living, entertainment etc.  An oak furniture is an investment purchase where you can expect to use for a long time, therefore it’s vital to deal with a firm which you can be certain represents these fundamental values. You can trust on our well-informed advice we offer, and you can rely on us that we’ll still be here to help you care for your oak table many years from now.

  • 25 Tips to Buy Quality Furniture at Maximum Value

    There are a million ways to get your hands on furniture. From dumpster diving to designer pieces, you can literally spend whatever you want on a new couch or dining room table. But not every “deal” is as great as it seems. To avoid common mistakes in furniture buying, you need to educate yourself!

    Of course, as we all know, money saved today is not necessarily money saved in the future. Buying furniture is a great example of this. It’s generally better to educate yourself, formulate a plan, and stick to it—rather than snapping up the first great “deal” that you see advertised on a street corner on Saturday.

    In this article, we’ll give you 23 tips on investing in quality furniture. We hope these tips allow you to buy excellent pieces rather than waste your money on poor construction. Read on!

    1. Define your expectations up front, including budget and quality.


    A careful investment in durable furniture can last you for decades. In a sense, you want to spend as much as you can afford on furniture from a high-quality source. A cheap sofa from Wal-Mart or IKEA will likely need replacement in just a few years. Multiply that low price by 5 or 10 or 15, and you realize that cheap furniture really costs you in the long run.

    Bottom line: What level of quality do you expect? What can you afford to spend? You should determine this before you even start shopping.

    1. Put your money where your time goes.


    As this article at Lifehacker explains, you should spend your money in proportion to where you spend your time. We spend a lot of our lives asleep. That means that a high-quality bed and mattress deserve a big chunk of your overall furniture budget. We also spend a lot of time on our couches. Depending on lifestyle, we may spend a lot of time at the dining room table, whether eating, studying, or playing a game with family and friends.

    How will this save you money? By ensuring that you only purchase high-quality versions of high-use items. A cheap bed frame will help you save money this month, but you’ll likely replace it in 5 years as it wears down and your back gets older. A new cheap bed frame every 5 years isn’t saving money. Why not buy one frame that you can keep for the rest of your life?

    Bottom line: Spend more on quality, in proportion to the amount of use the item will see.

    1. Don’t forget smaller accessory pieces. Consider your décor as a whole.

    Shown: Arlington End Table by Online Amish Furniture Shown: Arlington End Table by Online Amish Furniture

    Remember to leave room (both in space, and in your budget!) for small pieces. You’ll need a new end table next to that new couch. If you’re refurnishing the entire living room, why not make sure that your new recliner matches or complements your new couch?

    Bottom line: Look at your future furniture collection as a whole. Don’t leave out smaller pieces, and start thinking about furnishing your room in an integrated style.

    1. Create a furniture-buying timeline. You don’t have to buy everything at the same time!


    Examine your personal finances. If necessary, begin saving for quality furniture. But remember, you don’t have to get everything all at once. In fact, if finances are limited, it’s actually better to buy slowly, just as fast as you can afford it. You don’t want to buy up a bunch of cheap junk just because the total price fits your budget.

    Bottom line: Quality may take time. Don’t be afraid to wait.

    1. Research furniture retailers to determine which ones fit your plan.


    Not all furniture dealers are created equal! Be wary of the guy on the corner on Saturday waving an “80% OFF BLOWOUT” sign! That high discount has been applied to a fake price. The store is still making plenty of money off of you.

    Research prices of several furniture dealers, and research the quality that’s available for that price. If you’re paying thousands for a piece of furniture, is it made of solid wood? Is it hand-built, with tried and true wood joinery techniques? Or is it stapled together and made in China?

    Don’t be afraid to look up reviews online, either. Google reviews in particular can provide a revealing look at a retailer’s business practices. Facebook pages offer more customer reviews. Of course, when you read reviews, read enough to get a wide sample. Try to find a review of every possible type, from completely satisfied to totally unsatisfied. Look for common threads. This will help you get a picture of the company you’re considering buying from.

    Bottom line: Look beyond the sale prices. Try to figure out what the company is really like.

    1. Measure the space where each new piece will sit.


    There’s nothing worse than getting your new couch into its new home and realizing it isn’t going to work out. Don’t do this. Just don’t!

    Of course, there’s more to think about than just plain numbers. Even if a piece will fit mathematically in a space, how will it feel there? Consider existing footpaths and ways of walking through your house. Are you going to catch your leg on the arm of that new couch?

    Bottom line: Measure twice, buy once.

    1. Measure your doorways!


    While we’re talking about measurements, take this to heart: you MUST measure any and all spaces that your new piece will move through to reach its home. This includes doorways, but it also includes corners, hallways, and split stairwells. If you don’t plan for them, these spaces can turn into nightmares.

    Bottom line: Again—measure twice, buy once.

    1. Have a backup plan for getting your furniture into the room where you want it.


    Just in case you measured wrong, consider alternative ways to get large pieces into your home. If you’re installing the furniture in an upstairs room, can you send it up onto a porch roof and in through a large window? If so, will you rely on hired help from the store, or can you get some friends together and feed them pizza afterward?

    Can you disassemble the furniture and rebuild it in the room where it will stay? If so, make sure you understand the piece you’re buying, and make sure it can be disassembled. Don’t assume!

    Bottom line: Think outside the box to get the furniture INTO the box!

    1. Determine what general furniture style you want before you start shopping.

    choose-style Photo on the right courtesy of French Finds. Licensed under Creative Commons 2.0.

    It’s okay to get inspired by what you find; however, your efforts will be more fruitful if you figure out which styles you like best beforehand. If you keep it fairly broad, that will leave room for falling in love with unexpected pieces.

    Do you prefer traditional or modern? Industrial or country-style? It helps to organize your thoughts. This is especially helpful if you’re planning an eclectic look.

    Bottom line: Know what you want, but leave room for inspiration.

    1. Consider buying only solid-wood furniture.


    “Solid wood” means that if you were to cut into the wood on your furniture, you would find that the part in question (say, a table leg or a chair arm) was made from one continuous piece of wood rather than multiple layers sandwiched together. Solid wood construction is more expensive, but it’s also more durable and more attractive.

    Not everything that looks like wood is wood. Cheap furniture is often built out of composites like MDF or particle board. These materials are downright ugly, and they’re often beautified with veneer, a paper-thin layer of wood glued on top to create the illusion of solid wood. Worse, some composite pieces have photographic reproductions of wood grain glued on! That’s not wood. It’s a lie. If you want your furniture to last for decades, you should run from low-quality materials like these.

    Solid wood remains Nature’s best solution to the question of furniture construction. Hardwoods like oak, maple, and cherry are not only incredibly strong, but they are easily fashioned into wood-only joints—connections that don’t depend on nails or screws for strength.

    Bottom line: If you want your investment to last for decades, buy solid wood furniture.

    1. Know what you can expect from each type of wood.


    Wood is divided into two categories: hardwood and softwood. Generally speaking, hardwoods are harder than softwoods (though there are some species that—ahem—go against the grain!). Hardwood is always a better choice for furniture, though softwood is acceptable in pieces that will not receive extreme wear and tear. However, solid softwood furniture is always a better choice than furniture made out of composites!

    Note that hardness is not the same as strength, though the two qualities often go together. Hardness is the ability of wood to resist indentation.

    Typical hardwoods used in furniture construction include red oak, white oak, hard maple, walnut, and many more. Softwoods are not as common in solid wood furniture, but you may find pieces made out of pine, cedar, or fir, among others. Note that furniture made out of softwood is not weaker in construction than hardwood; rather, the wood itself is more easily dented.

    Bottom line: Research hardwoods and softwoods. Determine what species are appropriate for your level of wear and tear.

    1. Consider durability if you have children or pets.


    Be realistic. Will your favorite couch in the showroom stand up to little hands and feet, both animal and human? If you have non-declawed cats, think carefully about your upholstery. Also consider food spills and animal accidents. What type of upholstery are you considering buying? Will it stand up the level of abuse that it will get in your home?

    Upholstery isn’t the only thing you should consider. Particularly with large dogs and energetic children, you should pay attention to furniture construction. A couch can easily become a climbing course when you’re not looking. For rambunctious children, consider furniture pieces with heavy, solid wood frames that won’t tip over easily and won’t start wobbling from a little extra weight. For example, a solid wood dining table will stand up to years of use by every member of the family.

    Bottom line: The safety of your children and pets goes hand-in-hand with furniture durability.

    1. Avoid 0% Financing “Deals.”


    Avoid them like the plague! As Bob Sullivan reports on, so-called “no-interest financing deals” can nail you with the fine print. The interest-free period is limited to a set number of months. If you don’t pay off the loan in that time frame, you may owe interest for the entire time you had the loan—at 20-30%. Worse, as that article reports, the minimum monthly payments in these plans don’t add up to paying off the debt on time! They’re designed to get you on the hook and keep you there.

    Bottom line: 0% financing is a debt trap. Stay away!

    1. Never pay sticker price at a brick-and-mortar store!


    You’ve heard it said that everything is negotiable—you just have to know what you’re doing. That’s especially true in the brick-and-mortar furniture industry. When you’re buying in-store, you need to haggle. Otherwise, you will get ripped off—big time.

    According to this article on Wise Bread, the furniture industry typically uses a markup of 200-400%. (At the other end of the spectrum, most staple groceries are marked up around 5-8%!) This means that the MSRP at a brick-and-mortar furniture store is almost certainly a fake price. Let’s do a little math here:

    • Imagine a dining room table, MSRP $3,000, at your local furniture outlet.
    • The table has been marked up 400%. That means it cost the store $600.
    • It’s on sale—70% OFF!—for $900.
    • The store is still making $300 on the sale, which is a 50% markup on a cost of $600.

    This situation sounds like an incredible deal, but it isn’t. Only a sucker would have bought that table for $3,000. It’s a fake MSRP. At $900, you’re paying a reasonable price and a reasonable markup, but it’s not the incredible thing it claims to be! In this situation, you should be more concerned about quality. How is the table built? Is it solid wood, and does it use wood joinery techniques? Worse, did a salesman (who makes commission) pressure you into buying it?

    Bottom line: Always haggle at a brick-and-mortar furniture store.

    1. If you’re buying from a brick-and-mortar store, ask about delivery costs right away.

    lego-delivery-truck Photo courtesy of Bill Ward. Licensed under Creative Commons 2.0.

    You don’t want any surprises. This is one area where a brick-and-mortar store can really nail you. Ask up front, and watch the salesperson’s reaction carefully. That will tell you a lot about the business you’re dealing with.

    Bottom line: Ask about delivery up front.

    1. Check upholstery composition at a brick-and-mortar store.


    If you’re not buying furniture from a trustworthy online retailer (such as an online Amish furniture outlet), you should put your upholstery through its paces while you’re still in the showroom. If possible, unzip any cushions or pillows and see what’s inside. Is the upholstery filled with cheap foam, or more durable materials? Is it firm to the touch, or soft and squishy?

    Upholstery composition gives you a good snapshot of the overall quality of the furniture. Bad upholstery stuffing=bad furniture!

    Bottom line: Look inside before you buy.

    1. Test the feel of springs and support in the upholstery.

    This tip is so obvious, we shouldn’t have to say it—but we wanted this article to be complete. If you’re at a brick-and-mortar furniture store, sit all over the piece in question. Feel for lumps and saggy spots. How do the springs respond to different positions of your body?

    Don’t let the salesperson distract you. Shut out everything else and focus on what you feel. It’s better to rule out poor upholstery now than find yourself stuck with it later.

    Bottom line: Sit before you buy.

    1. To avoid pushy sales staff (who make commission), consider buying online.


    As Annamaria Andriotis reports on Market Watch, furniture salesmen typically make 4-10% commission, and some stores require them to meet a sales quota before commission even kicks in. This leads to pushy sales tactics.

    Ask yourself: whose agenda are you trying to fulfill—yours, or theirs? Are you trying to buy an heirloom-quality table, or are you trying to help them move some stock?

    You can buy high-quality furniture without falling prey to salesmen. When you buy hand-built, solid wood furniture online, you see your price, and you know what you’re paying for: the work of real craftsmen. You can shop from the comfort of your home, without the stress of a salesman who needs to get paid.

    Bottom line: Buy your furniture online for a low-pressure shopping experience.

    1. Stick to your budget.


    Don’t get upsold at a brick-and-mortar store. When you shop online, you can easily filter for prices that match your budget. If you find something you love that’s too expensive, either restructure the timing of your plan, or move on to a cheaper alternative.

    Bottom line: Spend what you decided to spend.

    1. Look for personalization options.


    Many solid wood furniture retailers offer personalization options. At Amish furniture stores, you can choose the type of wood, stain or paint color, finish type, and more. Many custom furniture retailers will even match the look of your existing furniture for a small additional fee.

    When you’re buying from a retailer that sells hand-built furniture, the sky is literally the limit. Since every piece is a one-off built by real craftsmen, you can get exactly what you want. This gives you a piece that’s not only heirloom-quality, but also a genuine, unique work of art.

    Bottom line: Take advantage of personalization options from hand-built furniture retailers.  

    1. Use A Coupon!


    This is especially true when you’re shopping online. You can often find great deals by signing up for an online retailer’s email newsletter. You’ll get coupon codes shipped straight to your inbox. You can couple this technique with your furniture-buying plan. It will help you buy slowly as you snatch up great deals only when they become available.

    Bottom line: Watch for deals and pounce on opportunities.

    1. Think carefully about color. Will you still love that upholstery in 10 years?


    Bright red may suit your fancy today, but where are you headed? For major pieces of furniture, it’s safer to choose colors that work in a wide variety of settings. You don’t want to invest in a beautiful, durable piece of furniture that just won’t fit your redecorating plans in 5 years.

    Earth tones are often a safe bet. They work with a wide range of styles, and they rarely look out of place. Unfortunately, they’re not always as distinctive as we’d like them to be. Here, as in other areas, use your best judgment, and find a balance between uniqueness and adaptability.

    Bottom line: Think ahead when choosing colors.

    1. Avoid furniture that isn’t built with reliable wood joinery techniques.

    Photo courtesy of Aerolin55. Licensed under Creative Commons 2.0. Photo courtesy of Aerolin55. Licensed under Creative Commons 3.0.

    This is one of the most costly mistakes you can make when you buy furniture. Cheap pieces are often joined together with nails and glue—or worse, staples! Nails are fine for holding a treehouse together, but they simply won’t due for furniture. Because a nail must compress the wood to make room for itself, it’s already preparing the wood to crack. Nails also tend to pull out, since they don’t have threads like a screw to grip the wood.

    Glue is also a bad choice. Unless the two wood surfaces are an absolute perfect match, there are probably gaps between them. Those gaps will fill with glue—but not all adhesives are designed to create a strong bond while filling gaps. Many require exact surface-to-surface contact to work. Unless you can inspect every glue joint with a magnifying glass and find out whether a gap-filling adhesive is used, it’s best to avoid glue-joined furniture altogether.

    What’s the alternative? Wood joinery! Believe it or not, it’s possible to create incredibly strong joints with nothing but wood. Techniques like dovetail joints and dado joints create strong wood-only joints that will hold up for generations without glue.

    Bottom line: Ask about traditional joinery techniques when you shop for furniture.

    1. When shopping at a brick-and-mortar store, check moving parts for smooth, sturdy operation.


    You don’t want to get your new chest of drawers home only to find that the drawers stick. Examining moving parts is one of the easiest ways to determine the overall quality of the furniture in question.

    When you shop online, make sure you’re buying from a quality retailer who only sells hand-built furniture. That way, you know that the moving parts on your furniture were built and installed by a skilled craftsman, not slapped on by a robot.

    Bottom line: Shop for furniture with quality moving parts.

    1. Know what type of care your furniture will require.


    Solid wood furniture is pretty forgiving. You can move it, place heavy objects on it, and generally treat it like a workhorse. However, the finish on solid wood furniture is often softer than an equivalent piece made out of particle board. That means it will dent more easily.

    Wood furniture also reacts to sunlight and moisture in ways that fake furniture doesn’t. Extended time in the sun will alter the color of wood furniture, and extreme changes in humidity can lead to cracks in solid wood. To keep your solid wood furniture looking beautiful for decades, you need to keep it out of direct sun, or at least plan on a furniture rotation every few months if you can’t avoid direct sun.

    You also need to keep your home at a stable 35-45% relative humidity year round. Winter is especially brutal to wood furniture, as humidity levels can drop significantly. It’s helpful to think of wood as a living thing, even after it’s been fashioned into a table or a chair. It still needs to breathe, and it still needs decent temperature and humidity.

    Bottom line: Take care of your furniture now to avoid costly repairs later.

  • The 45 Best Things Still Made in the USA

    For a long time now, we’ve heard how manufacturing is moving overseas—and taking all the jobs with it. While this is sadly true in many areas, industry and innovation aren’t dead here in the US of A. Our great country is still producing amazing products with superior quality. You just have to know where to look!

    In this article, we’ve scoured the web for the coolest, most fascinating things that are still made in America. After you read this article, we suggest you get out there and support some of these great American businesses. Remember, when you buy American, you help all of us—including yourself.

    Now, let's be clear--these companies and products aren't ranked in any kind of order. We just gave them numbers because we found so many awesome companies, and we wanted to make this easy to read. These are all great products, and you can buy from any one of these American companies with confidence.

    Here are the categories we came up with. Let’s dive in!

    I. Fashion and Apparel

    II. Home Products

    III. Musical Instruments and Audio Equipment

    IV. Tools and Workshop Equipment

    V. Arts and Crafts

    VI. Sports and Outdoors

    VII. Children’s Toys and Games

    I. Fashion and Apparel

    1. All American Clothing Company

    Shown: Not Made In China Tee. Photo from manufacturer’s website. Shown: Not Made In China Tee. Photo from manufacturer’s website.

    All American Clothing Company sells high-quality jeans, shorts, shirts, outerwear, and more. They offer many styles and options for both men and women. Founder Lawson Nickol started the company in 2002 when he realized that major jean manufacturers were outsourcing production to overseas companies. All American Clothing Company only sells clothing made in the USA—right in Arcanum, OH, to be precise. Check out their great catalog!

    2. KD New York Dance Apparel

    Shown: Boyfriend Top in Off the Shoulder KD 03. Image from manufacturer’s website. Shown: Boyfriend Top in Off the Shoulder KD 03. Image from manufacturer’s website.

    KD New York makes soft workout wear. This is comfortable apparel that looks great and facilitates physical movement. KD New York started out in Oakland, CA, as “KD dids” in 1980. In 1983, the company moved to New York, where they still make every piece of clothing they sell. With lines dedicated to dance apparel, yoga, fitness, and more, there’s something for everyone.

    3. Cord Shoes & Boots

    Shown: Mercer Boot Brown. Photo from manufacturer’s website. Shown: Mercer Boot Brown. Photo from manufacturer’s website.

    Cord Shoes and Boots sells beautiful, traditionally-constructed leather footwear and leather goods. Cord’s philosophy is admirable. They believe that Less Is More—in other words, they don’t shoot for a gigantic product line; they produce a limited number of styles, and they make sure that every design and every shoe is the best it can be. Cord also caters to women just as much as men—a rarity in the world of quality leather footwear. Cord is a woman-owned business, and they make everything in the USA!

    4. Freaker USA

    Shown: Hug-A-Boo beverage koozie. Photo from manufacturer’s website. Shown: Hug-A-Boo beverage koozie. Photo from manufacturer’s website.

    Freaker USA has one mission: to prevent “moist handshakes and sweaty beverages.” They sell awesome, quirky knit koozies and socks. That’s right—you can make this fashion statement on your feet, or on your 40oz. The designs are wacky. The statements are hilarious. The best part? This crowdfunded business got off the ground in North Carolina., and everything is USA-made.

    5. Nectar Clothing

    Image from the Nectar Clothing website. Image from the Nectar Clothing website.

    Nectar Clothing sells gorgeous SoCal fashion for women who “love adventure, food, camping, county fairs, the beautiful SoCal beaches, falling in love, and being with friends.” Owners David and Tricia Kelly started the company in 2005 and have seen incredible success. Their hearts are in the right place, and their clothing is innovative, stylish, and fun. Plus, everything is made in California, USA. What’s not to love?

    6. Tarina Tarantino

    Shown: Conditioning Lip Sheen Candy Jar. Photo from manufacturer’s website. Shown: Conditioning Lip Sheen Candy Jar. Photo from manufacturer’s website.

    Tarina Tarantino and Alfonso Campos started Tarina Tarantino in Los Angeles, 1995. The company has grown into an iconic fashion brand. They offer all kinds of jewelry, plus lipstick, eyeshadow, mascara, and more—all with the distinctive Tarina Tarantino look. Fashion bloggers, editors, and Hollywood stylists regularly feature her Tarina’s pieces. The best part? It’s all made in Los Angeles, CA. Check them out!

    7. Royal Apparel Wholesale

    Shown: Women’s Bamboo Organic Scoop Neck in Pewter. Photo from manufacturer’s website. Shown: Women’s Bamboo Organic Scoop Neck in Pewter. Photo from manufacturer’s website.

    Royal Apparel Wholesale sells great American-made clothes at wholesale prices. They have a wide-ranging catalog with many options. With lines for women, men, kids, and infants, Royal Apparel Wholesale has something for everyone. They also offer organic styles made of certified organic cotton. The best part? All these duds are made in the USA! Check them out for some great deals.

    8. Bodacious Cases

    Shown: Thin Blue Line iPhone Case. Photo from manufacturer’s website. Shown: Thin Blue Line iPhone Case.Photo from manufacturer’s website.

    Bodacious Cases sells beautiful, durable cases for iPhone 4/4s, 5, and 5s. Bodacious Cases isn’t your typical faceless corporation. They’re dedicated to having a compassionate brand, and they have a loyal customer following. Even better, Bodacious Cases honors veterans, police officers, firefighters, and other upstanding individuals with its Bo Heroes program. Customers can nominate someone to be a Bo Hero. For every 12 cases sold, Bodacious will donate one case to a Bo Hero. Awesome! The clincher? Everything is made in the USA.

    9. Knot Clothing and Belt Company

    Shown: Oh My Stars! Patriotic belt. Photo from manufacturer’s website. Shown: Oh My Stars! Patriotic belt. Photo from manufacturer’s website.

    Knot Clothing and Belt Company offers canvas cracked belts, shadestraps, duffel bags, and more. Their belts are American-made, and their philosophy is great. Founder Nick Mannella worked a suit-and-tie job in Boston while saving up money to start his company. He launched Knot Clothing and Belt Company in 2009. He spent another year working fulltime and pumping late night work into his new company. A year later, he was ready to make Knot his fulltime endeavor. That passion and commitment show in every product in the Knot catalog. Check it out!

    10. Bootights

    Shown: Darby’s Lacie Lace, Classic Red. Photo from manufacturer’s website. Shown: Darby’s Lacie Lace, Classic Red. Photo from manufacturer’s website.

    Bootights offers a truly innovative fashion product: knee-high tights with attached socks! They’re perfect for wearing with boots, and they come in a variety of styles—bohemian, urban, western, and more. They also offer boot socks, over the knee socks, and headbands. Founder Shelby Mason has created a fantastic fashion statement. The best part? Bootights are made in the USA!

    11. Hickey Freeman

    Shown: Cashmere overcoat. Photo from manufacturer’s Facebook page. Shown: Cashmere overcoat. Photo from manufacturer’s Facebook page.

    Since 1899, Hickey Freeman has produced finely tailored clothes for men out of their Rochester, NY factory. Their styles are top-notch, and they source their materials from the finest Italian mills. This isn’t your TJ Max bargain rack sport coat. A piece from Hickey Freeman will last for decades—and it’ll look sharp the whole time. With every Hickey Freeman piece coming right out of Rochester, NY, what’s not to love?

    12. Milligan Brand Knits

    Shown: Oriental Tea Roping Riders Chenille Cardigan. Photo from manufacturer’s website. Shown: Oriental Tea Roping Riders Chenille Cardigan. Photo from manufacturer’s website.

    Milligan Brand Knits produces beautiful sweaters, throws, and home décor. Their products are tastefully designed, and they often feature patterns inspired by the traditions and culture of New Mexico, where the company is located. In their own words, their sweaters are “wearable art.” We couldn’t agree more! And to top it all off, their products are made in the USA. Check them out!

    II. Home Products

    13. Big Chill Stoves and Refrigerators

    Photo from manufacturer’s website. Photo from manufacturer’s website.

    The folks at Big Chill build incredible stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers, and other kitchen appliances. They have three main lines: Retro, Pro, and Classic. The Retro line features mid-century styling and fun, vibrant colors. The Pro line sits at the other end of the spectrum, with contemporary styling and bold color schemes. The Classic line features rich color schemes and industrial chic styling. There’s literally something for everyone—and their products are built in the USA.

    14. Holy Lamb Organics

    Shown: Happy Lamb Fleece Topper for Babies and Toddlers. Photo from manufacturer’s website. Shown: Happy Lamb Fleece Topper for Babies and Toddlers. Photo from manufacturer’s website.

    Holy Lamb Organics sells beautiful natural bedding products. With mattresses, toppers, comforters, pillows, and more, their catalog is a one-stop shop for bedding and bath needs. Holy Lamb is NOT a large company offering a “green line”; they’re a small company offering a great line of natural bedding. That’s an important distinction! They use sustainable practices in every step, and none of their byproducts go into a landfill. They reuse, recycle, or compost it 100%. That’s incredible. The best part? Holy Lamb products are made near Olympia, WA. We can’t say enough about these guys!

    15. Merrick Pet Care

    Shown: Backcountry Raw Infused Great Plains Red Meat Recipe. Photo from manufacturer’s website. Shown: Backcountry Raw Infused Great Plains Red Meat Recipe. Photo from manufacturer’s website.

    Merrick Pet Care offers safe, all-natural food for your pet. Their recipes are expertly formulated, providing great nutrition and taste for both dogs and cats. In the age of mass-produced corporate pet food, it’s incredibly refreshing to see an American company making great food for our cats and dogs. It’s downright inspiring!

    16. Grainmaker Mills

    Shown: Grainmaker Grain Mill Model No. 116. Photo from manufacturer’s website. Shown: Grainmaker Grain Mill Model No. 116. Photo from manufacturer’s website.

    Grainmaker Mills builds high-quality grinding mills, flaking mills, and more. These products allow you to grind your own flour and foodstuffs. The company is family-owned and operated. The Jones family took a leap of faith when they put everything into Grainmaker Mills—and it paid off wonderfully! The best part? All their products are made in Montana. Check them out!

    17. Staber Washing Machines

    Photo from manufacturer’s website. Photo from manufacturer’s website.

    Operating out of Groveport, OH, since 1976, Staber Industries, Inc. is the only US manufacturer of a top-loading, tumble-action washing machine. If you’ve ever owned a major-label washing machine, you know how long foreign-built “quality” lasts. There’s really no replacement for a genuine attention to detail and quality. Built and sold in America, Staber washing machines and dryers provide that and more.

    18. Pyrex Glassware


    Pyrex kitchen glassware first appeared in 1915. Pyrex offers a great product that’s more resilient than normal glass. Most likely, every kitchen that’s worth its salt as at least one Pyrex dish in a cupboard somewhere—and probably more than one. Pyrex is still made in the USA, so you can buy with confidence.

    19. KitchenAid Mixers

    Photo courtesy of Aaron Headly. Licensed under Creative Commons 2.0 Generic. Photo courtesy of Aaron Headly. Licensed under Creative Commons 2.0 Generic.

    Those who have a KitchenAid mixer swear by them. Whirlpool Corporation’s brilliantly-designed stand mixer has changed very little since the 1930s. The concept is that good! A stand mixer allows you to dump your ingredients into the bowl, flip a switch, and watch as the machine does the hard work. No more fighting your handheld mixer, trying to get the job done while not creating a spray of batter. This incredible product is still made in the USA. What’s not to love?

    20. Benchmark Signs and Gifts

    A custom sign from Benchmark Signs and Gifts. Photo from manufacturer’s website. A custom sign from Benchmark Signs and Gifts. Photo from manufacturer’s website.

    Benchmark Signs and Gifts sells custom wood signs to decorate your home, office, and everything in between. Owners Sam and Kristy have a passion for woodworking—plus a sense of humor. You can choose from countless templates, and each one accepts your custom text. Check out their cabin signs, family name signs, business logos, bar signs, and more. The best part? They’re all made in the USA.

    21. Online Amish Furniture

    Shown: Baytown Single Pedestal table, available in a wide range of sizes, woods, and options. Shown: Baytown Single Pedestal table, available in a wide range of sizes, woods, and options.

    You got it—that’s us, Online Amish Furniture! We believe in buying and selling American-made products. That’s why we wrote this article. We’re so passionate about buying American that we source all of our Amish furniture from real Amish master craftsmen. That means all of our furniture is made right here in the USA. When you buy from Online Amish Furniture, you’re supporting the American economy—and getting beautiful, hand-built furniture that will last for generations. Check us out!

    III. Musical Instruments and Audio Equipment

    22. Steinway and Sons Pianos

    Photo courtesy of Gordon Tarpley. Licensed under Creative Commons 2.0. Photo courtesy of Gordon Tarpley. Licensed under Creative Commons 2.0.

    The pianists among us know: there’s nothing like a genuine Steinway. Pianos age well, just like wine, and the instruments from America’s oldest (and last standing) piano company are no exception. Of course, Steinways are expensive. You know, the old “if you have to ask what it costs, you probably can’t afford it” line. Whether their instruments are in your price range or not, Steinway & Sons stands as a testament to American craftsmanship and attention to detail.

    23. S.I.T. Guitar Strings

    Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys uses S.I.T. (“stay-in-tune”) strings. These guitar and bass strings are manufactured in Akron, OH, and have been since 1980. They’re long-lasting, affordable, and sound absolutely amazing. If you’re a guitarist, grab a set of S.I.T. next time your guitar starts sounding muddy. You’ll get great tone, and you’ll support an American business.

    24. Earthquaker Devices

    Guitar players are notorious for “gear acquisition syndrome”, the purchasing of more and more guitar accessories. Take a listen to some demo videos from Earthquaker Devices, and you can understand the addiction. Earthquaker Devices hand-builds groundbreaking guitar and bass effects pedals in Akron, OH. These pedals offer sounds which truly haven’t been heard before. The best part is that purchasing an Earthquaker Devices pedal means keeping your money here in the USA. You get great tone, and you support the economy. What’s not to love?

    25. Carvin and Kiesel Guitars and Audio

    Shown: AM7 Aries Multiscale Fanned Fret 7-string. Photo from manufacturer’s website. Shown: AM7 Aries Multiscale Fanned Fret 7-string. Photo from manufacturer’s website.

    The Carvin Corporation is a California-based manufacturer of guitars, guitar amps, bass amps, and pro audio equipment. A lot of big-name musicians endorse or use Carvin gear—people like Joe Walsh (The Eagles), Lee McKinney (Born of Osiris), and Neil Zaza. That’s for good reason: their guitars are built to exacting specifications, and their audio gear is world-renowned for its performance and reliability. The best part—everything is made in Carvin’s facility in San Diego, CA. If you’re a musician, Carvin is a great source for incredible American-made gear.

    26. Ohm Speakers

    Shown: Walsh 1000 Tall Speaker in Maple. Photo from manufacturer’s website. Shown: Walsh 1000 Tall Speaker in Maple. Photo from manufacturer’s website.

    Ohm Speakers features groundbreaking audio technology and cabinet design. These speakers don’t sound like speakers; they sound like the music. Even better, you don’t have to listen from a “sweet spot” to get the perfect sound. Ohm’ speaker technology is omnidirectional, meaning the music sounds amazing from any angle or direction.


    Shown: Studio-110 Synthesizer System. Photo from manufacturer’s website. Shown: Studio-110 Synthesizer System. Photo from manufacturer’s website. offers high-quality modular synthesizer products. In the late 90s, founder Roger Arrick snatched up the domain name for his company. is built on great core values—the Golden Rule, selling direct to customers, and making modular synth systems affordable for every musician. They also offer Moog expansion systems, bringing more capability than ever to Moog synthesizer systems. The best part? Their entire product line is designed and built in East Texas. What’s not to love?

    IV. Tools and Workshop Equipment

    28. Chapman Manufacturing

    Shown: Chapman Master Kit No. 5575. Photo from manufacturer’s website. Shown: Chapman Master Kit No. 5575. Photo from manufacturer’s website.

    Chapman Tools are widely known for their superior durability, precision, and hardness. They’re used to service everything from computers to Apache helicopters. Old Man Chapman founded Chapman Manufacturing in 1936 out of his garage in Durham, CT. The company is now headquartered just around the corner from their original location. Everything Chapman sells is made in America. You can buy from them with confidence.


    Shown: 444 12” Narrow Nose Tongue and Groove Plier. Photo from manufacturer’s website. Shown: 444 12” Narrow Nose Tongue and Groove Plier. Photo from manufacturer’s website.

    CHANNELLOCK sells pliers, screwdrivers, wrenches, specialty tools, and more. Their tools are some of the best you can buy. They’re built to last, and they’re surprisingly affordable. These aren’t your cheap Christmas gift tools. CHANNELLOCK tools will help you do serious, professional-quality work in plumbing, automotive, electrical, HVAC, and more.  The best part? They’re all made in the USA!

    30. Lakeshore Carbide

    Shown: 1/8” Rougher/Finisher Variable 2 Flute Endmill for Aluminum. Photo from manufacturer’s website. Shown: 1/8” Rougher/Finisher Variable 2 Flute Endmill for Aluminum. Photo from manufacturer’s website.

    Lakeshore Carbide produces and sells top-notch carbide end mills at highly competitive prices. All their end mills are held to an H6 tolerance. Their business model is built to be lean—they have no sales reps. They pass these savings on to their customers with incredibly low prices. Everything they sell is made in America—and they’re based right out of Lake View, NY. Check them out!

    31. Estwing Tools

    Shown: Camper’s Axe 14” – Orange. Photo from manufacturer’s website. Shown: Camper’s Axe 14” – Orange. Photo from manufacturer’s website.

    Estwing manufactures high-quality striking tools—hammers, axes, prybars, and more. They’ve been in business since 1923, and they offer an incredibly innovative handle design that dampens the vibrations caused by striking a hammer or axe. Your hand will feel so much better after using an Estwing tool! The best part of all this? They make everything in the USA, and they’re based out of Rockford, IL, 90 miles northwest of Chicago. Check them out!

    V. Arts and Crafts

    32. Crayola Crayons

    Photo courtesy of Chris Metcalf. Licensed under Creative Commons 2.0. Photo courtesy of Chris Metcalf. Licensed under Creative Commons 2.0.

    Believe it or not, all Crayola crayons are still made in the USA—in fact, right in Easton, Pennsylvania. The modern Crayola company was first incorporated as Binney & Smith in 1902. Crayola is currently owned by Hallmark Cards, and their crayons remain the iconic art experience for children ages 1 to 100.

    33. Post-It Notes

    Photo courtesy of Michael Arrighi. Licensed under Creative Commons 2.0. Photo courtesy of Michael Arrighi. Licensed under Creative Commons 2.0.

    Post-It Notes are still made here, too. However, you’d be surprised to learn that the original Post-It was a bit of an accident. According to Wikipedia, 3M scientist Dr. Spencer Silver was trying to develop a super-strong adhesive, but his experiments created a weak adhesive that was reusable and adhered easily with simple finger pressure. That was 1968, and the idea took a while to catch on. However, the first Post-Its were sold in stores in 1977 as “Press ‘n Peel.” The rest is history!

    34. Sculpey Modeling Clay

    Photo courtesy of Jana Lehmann. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic. Photo courtesy of Jana Lehmann. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic.

    Sculpey modeling clay is incredibly popular in craft circles. It’s available in a variety of colors, and with a little kneeding, crafters can combine colors to create new ones. The clay is easy to work with and bakes quickly in a household oven. After baking, the clay can be painted or left as it was originally colored. Even better, Sculpey is still made in the USA.

    35. Bound Custom Journals

    A beautiful Bound custom journal. Photo from manufacturer’s website. A beautiful Bound custom journal. Photo from manufacturer’s website.

    Bound offers beautiful, one-of-a-kind journals that are made to last for years. Their online custom builder lets you determine every aspect of your journal, including size, page count, cover type, and more. You can also add custom printing to the inside of your journal. Regional maps, city maps, lines, grids, and more—there are tons of options. The best part? Bound is based out of Durham, NC, and every journal they sell is made in the USA. Awesome!

    VI. Sports and Outdoors

    36. Wilson Footballs


    It doesn’t get more American than football. You might think that NFL football production has moved overseas—that maybe the old pigskin isn’t even made out of pigskin anymore. Wrong! Wilson, the official football supplier to the NFL, makes every football by hand in their Ohio factory. Even better, the footballs are still made out of genuine leather.

    37. Bison Coolers

    Shown: 150qt Bison Cooler. Photo from manufacturer’s website. Shown: 150qt Bison Cooler. Photo from manufacturer’s website.

    Bison Coolers manufactures the highest-quality, professional-grade coolers your American dollar can buy. Their designs feature one-piece construction, with roto-molded corners. That means your cooler won’t catch on your truck bed liner or your pants. Their largest cooler has a 150qt capacity, which holds 125 cans of your favorite beverage or 194lbs of ice. Incredible! Say goodbye to that busted-up Igloo and invest in a Bison Cooler. The best part? They’re all made in the USA.

    38. Louisville Sluggers

    Photo courtesy of Patrick Morgan. Licensed under Creative Commons 3.0. Photo courtesy of Patrick Morgan. Licensed under Creative Commons 3.0.

    It’s great to know that Louisville Sluggers, used by some 60% of MLB players (according to the Slugger website), are still made right here in the USA. Baseball is part of the American heritage, and Louisville Slugger makes all their bats in their Louisville, KY factory. Ballplayers know: there’s really nothing like the feel of a real wood bat—and Louisville Sluggers are the best in the world. Of course, the company also makes metal bats with cutting edge technology. All in all, this is a great American business.

    39. Nokona Ball Gloves

    Nokona makes ball gloves for baseball, youth baseball, fastpitch, slowpitch, and more. They also offer mitt accessories and bats. With the ability to create your own custom Nokona glove, their website shows off the beauty and versatility of their products. Iconic players who’ve used Nokona products include Nolan Ryan, Vladimir Guerrero, David Ortiz, and Miguel Tejada. The best part: all Nokona ball gloves are made in the USA.

    VI. Children’s Toys and Games

    40. Uncle Goose Toys

    Shown: Odd Galaxy Lunar Rocket, Moon Rover, and Cosmo Kid. Photo from manufacturer’s website. Shown: Odd Galaxy Lunar Rocket, Moon Rover, and Cosmo Kid. Photo from manufacturer’s website.

    Uncle Goose sells beautiful handcrafted wooden toys and blocks. Everything in their catalog is made in Grand Rapids, MI, out of materials sourced from around the Great Lakes region. Their inks are safe for young children, and the blocks are so carefully made, they’ll last for generations. These guys really have something special. Check them out!

    41. Cabbage Patch Dolls

    Photo courtesy of Mike Mozart. Licensed under Creative Commons 2.0. Photo courtesy of Mike Mozart. Licensed under Creative Commons 2.0.

    If you were around in the 1980s, you remember the Cabbage Patch Kids craze. These iconic dolls are still as popular as ever, and they’re still made in America—right in Cleveland, GA. Founder and creator Xavier Roberts told the story of how he discovered the Cabbage Patch Kids after following a BunnyBee to a magical cabbage patch where he found the babies hatching. With this kind of mystique, it’s no wonder Cabbage Patch Kids remain so popular.

    42. K’NEX Building Toys

    K’NEX is a fantastic line of construction toys for inquisitive children. The systematic nature of the toys teaches children to recognize the functions of different parts in a system—while still encouraging them to break the mold and discover new functions for familiar parts. Along with LEGO, K’NEX is one of the best things you can get your kids. And the best part? They’re still made right here in the USA, in Hatfield, PA.

    43. Skullduggery Toys

    Skullduggery makes beautiful toys in several lines. They offer toy race cars and racing systems, educational craft kits, Smithsonian model kits, and incredible fossil replicas. With this wide range of toys, they offer something for every child—especially those who like to build accurate, lifelike models. The best part? Skullduggery Toys are still made in the USA—right in Anaheim, CA.

    44. Step2 Toys

    Photo courtesy of HeyGabe WW. Licensed under Creative Commons 2.0. Photo courtesy of HeyGabe WW. Licensed under Creative Commons 2.0.

    Step2 makes high-quality toys, children’s furniture, and home and garden products. While the Federal Trade Commission Guidelines would allow nearly all of Step2’s products to be labeled “Made in the USA,” the company holds itself to a high standard and uses a 3-tiered labeling system. This system allows Step2 to differentiate between products made entirely in the USA, products partially built in the USA, and products which are made overseas but rigorously tested in the USA. With these standards, it’s hard not to love Step2.

    45. Slinky

    Photo courtesy of Annie Pilon. Licensed under Creative Commons 2.0. Photo courtesy of Annie Pilon. Licensed under Creative Commons 2.0.

    Few toys have such an iconic image as the Slinky. We all grew up with them. We watched them walk down the stairs. We stretched them out and sent waves through them. We got them all tangled up and asked mom to fix it. She tried her best, but you know. The Slinky is one of the best toys ever invented—and it’s still made in the USA.


    Well, what did you think? Were you surprised that there are so many great products still made in the USA? You shouldn't be! American ingenuity is the strongest it's ever been, and this list of products is just the tip of the iceberg. We found many, many more, which we simply couldn't include due to space.

    Here's the bottom line: get out there and support these great American companies!

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